What is a Project

The word sprite may not be known to many of todays young or indeed older population, but we are all familiar with them and have seen and possibly used them at one or many times a day. In is simplest form a sprite is a computer program used as a component in a large scene, for example a security guard

When designing the latest computer or arcade platforms games, the designers often use several hundreds of individual designers to design various components that will ultimately come together to make a larger program.

The sprite project

The sprite project was set up to illustrate to students and indeed teachers how sprite and indeed computer animations can be used to put a different spin on how maths and science can be viewed.

Even now news ways are being discovered on to how animations can be used to displays statistics in a different way, not just to make the information useful but also accessible to all ages Merely changing the presentation of information can have educational benefits as it can awaken new interests in math and science by using computer animation